Oge sise ni yoruba

Eyin agba ti e je esebi, e ko ara yin jo o. Won ni agba ki wa loja, ki ori omo tuntun wo. Oseun jare alagba Dayo, lori tireedi ti a fi n kedun iku oloogbe Alhaji Dokita Sikiru Ayinde Barrister mo beere fun itoni lorii bi a see le gbe fiimu latori youtube sii ori tireedi nairaland.

Ti e ba ka e joo e fun wa ni itoni lori e e seun. Eyin eniyan mi e joo se e lee tumo awon asaayan oro ti mo ko si isale yi bi ni ede geesi? A kii leni ni mosan ki a mu kikan Agbon n se Oyin naa nse bee oju oloko ree kondu kondu Ko si eni tii fi obe to'nu je'su. A kii leni ni mosan idi igi osan ki a mu kikan: You can not have someone under the orange tree and drink sour ones. Often used when a man is fully represented in an issue. Agbon nse, oyin na nse, beesini ojo oloko ree kondu-kondu: The wasp is denying and the bee is also denying, yet the face of the farmer is swollen all-over.

Used when parties involved in an issue are all clamming innocence yet the evidence are glaring. Ko s'eni ti f'obe to'nu je'su: No one will ever accept to have make use of eat yam with the missing knife. When something goes wrong, everyone play innocence. Point of correction. Fi woroko se ada simply means to improvise. Yes oo. Opani lerin looto but then it's a good one.

I never heard it anywhere before now; It's sure an addition to my yoruba idioms collection. Bless you Remii. Te siwaju mo ngbadun e. Pata Pata laa n foju, Kumo Kumo laa n dete, oju afo fotan ija ni muwa.

Often used when someone, overhearing a specific part of a conversation not minding the full jist and decided to comment, but was totally off in a tangent. Could be used when someone felt insulted even when none was intended. Oun tin tan leegun odun ti n mu omo alaagba wa fowo rakara jeko.

Children of the masquerade clan had all the free bean cake they wanted, cos it was surplus during annual eegun festival. As soon as the festival is ended, they had to buy like everyone else. Used as word of advice that nothing lasts forever. Used when an upcoming person is complaining of too much responsibilities.

Remii: melo ni eera to wo wipe aran nyo oun lenu - how big is ant that is complaning of belly worms. Ile ti a ba fi ito mo, iri ni yo wo The house built with saliva will fall apart when dew sets on it Meaning: Don't cut corners.

Olowo o ni gba arodan ki iwofa lo oun agun mate. There cannot be 2 captains in one ship. Abu ni nje abuni, afini han nje afini han, ewo nti ewo ara ibadan ti nlo lojude ogunmola. Used when someone while seemingly making a joke is really putting you in trouble. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.Yor jss1 6. Se alaafia ni gbogbo ile wa o? Leta kiko pin si gbefe ati aigbefe a bee ni b bee ko d emi ko mo Ipin B 1.

Ki ni oro-ise? Daruko ona merin 4 ti a pin oro-ise si 2. Se ekunrere akaye nipa oge sise 3. Jss2 6. Ta ni Yoruba gba ni Arinurode? Iru asa iran-ra-eni-lowo to jemo igbeyawo ni a owe b aaro d ebese Iru ohun wo ni a maa n fi sun iyere ifa?

Ko aroko onisorongbesi o keere tan eyo oro 2. Se ekunrere alaye nipa ere onise 3. Ta ni Eledumare? So idi merin 4 ti awon Yoruba first feran Eledumare. Daruko awon ewi to jemo esin ibile. Post a Comment. Davis Cup B. Ogbe Land Court C. Lord Runners Competition Physical education aims at developing person on the following except A. Mbombo dance B. Epo dance C.

oge sise ni yoruba

Break dance We play computer game with the following except A. Search This Blog. Monday, 10 July No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. What is the probability that the selected ball is black A. What is the difference in latitude A. What is the base radius of the cone A. If the observed largest value is 23, find the mean of the remaining observations A.

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Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser.Aso awon Yoruba yato si amulumala ti a now ni ode oni.


Awon okunrin ni aso tiwon, beni awon obinrin ni aso tiwon pelu. Opolopo as ni Asa kan Pataki ti awa omo Yoruba ngbe sonu bayi ni asa oriki. Orisirisi idile ni o ni oriki tiwon. Bi o ba je iya agba tabi baba agba, Asa isomoloruko je okan pataki ti a ko le ko danu ninu as Yoruba, id niyi ti awon Yoruba fi ya ojo isomoloruko yi si oto lai tele eto Home About Contact Us.

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Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Author Details Asa ati owe ile Yoruba fun omo Yoruba atata. Ede Yoruba rorun lati ko ati lati gbo pelu. Akeko ni lati fi okan ati eti sile dada, ki o baa lee mo pelu irorun. Bi eniyan ba sunmo awon Bi a ba wo oju opolopo awon omo orile-ede Naijiria, a o ri orisirisi ila loju won. Ogooro eniyan ni ko mo idi re ti a fii ko ila. Awon Yoruba ko gba omo won laaye lati hu iwa omugo Kankan.

Oge Sise: Itoju Awon Oun Ti A N Lo Si Ara Wa

Tags asa ila kiko ni ile yoruba 5 owe ati akanlo ede yoruba 6. Follow by Email.Alafia olalekan oduntan I am neiko Lane and I'm over here in America in the georgia state and I have a babalawo in southcarolina his name is Taiwo Akintobi and a good priest but I need some God parents I would like to meet with you one day I am a leo August 14, that's my mother number her name is stephanie.

Ila kiko je n kan pataki ti awon omo Yoruba fi n dara won mo ni aye ajo. Owe Yoruba kan so pe tita riro ni a n ko ila, sugbon bi o ba jina tan, a di oge. Ni aye atijo, oba Alaafin Oyo ma a n fi ila kiko se ohun ijiya fun awon eru re ti won ba ti se asise. A a ni ki awon oloola ko ila fun won gegebi ohun ijiya fun won. Sugbon ni ojo kan, leyinti won ti ko ila si gbogbo ara eru kan tan. Ninu awon odu merindinlogun ti won je owo IfaEjiogbe ni baba won. Ejiogbe ni odan ni n sawo won ninu ileiki ni n sawo won lode.

O ni kekere la a ti pile awonto ba doke tana gbodoa gboloa gba odu baba ikoko. O difa fun aye nigbati aye n sunkun alailenikanwon ni ki aye wa a san. Lojo naaawon ohun merin lo wa nile aye. Ekinni ni ileekeji ni omieketa ni afefe ati eekerin ni o je ina. Awon mererin pe Eledumare lojo kan wipe awon fe wulo ati ni ipa nile aye.

Ni won ba rubolebo ba fin, lebo ba da. Ohun ni Eledumare ba fun erupe nile aye. Ati igba naa wa nile aye ti n be. Ile aye wa n be beesugbon nigbati o di ojo kanaye so fun Olodumare wipe ohun fe e nipaOlodumare ni a fi ko san eku meji oluwereeja meji abirugbedeobidiye meji abedo lukeluke. Akoda naa tun pe Eledumare lojo kan wipe ohun fe lenikeji ti yo ma ran ohun lowo. Eledumare ni ki o san eku meji oluwereeja meji abiru gbedeobidiye meji abedo lukeluke.

O san ebo fin beeni ebo da. Eledumare wa mu ninu eegun egbe otun akoda fi da aseda. Akoda ati aseda wa n be layeigbati o di ojo kanawon naa tun pe Eledumare wipe awon fe ni ipa omo bibi laye. Eledumare ni ki won san eku meji oluwereeja meji abirugbedeobidiye meji abedo lukeluke. Won gbo riru ebowon ruboebo won fin ebo won si da pelu. Akoda ati Aseda ba ara won se papoaseda ba loyun o bi opolopo awon omo fun akoda.Words: Lewis Hensley, Music: St.

Bless you for this and more. Glad I recently traced my steps back to my church. Monday, 11 January A O Sise! Howard Doane, A o sise! A o sise! Om'Olorun ni wa, Jek' a tele ona ti Oluwa wa to; K' a f' imoran Re so agbara wa d' otun, K' a fi gbogbo okun wa sise t' a o se.

oge sise ni yoruba

Refrain: Foriti! K' a reti, k' a s' ona Titi Oluwa yio fi de. Bo awon t' ebi npa, Ko awon alare lo s' orisun iye! Ninu agbalebu l' awa o ma s' ogo, Nigbat' a ba nkede pe, "Ofe n'igbala," A o sise! Gbogbo wa ni yio se, Ijoba okunkun at'iro yio fo, Ao si gbe oruko Jehofah leke, won, Ninu orin iyin wa pe, "Ofe n'igbala," A o sise! L'agbara Oluwa, Agbada at'ade yio si je ere wa; Ile awon oloto yio si je ti wa, Gbogbo wa o jo ho pe, "Ofe n'igbala," To the work! We are servants of God, Let us follow the path that our Master has trod; With the might of His power our strength to renew, Let us do by His grace what He calls us to do.

To the work! Though blinded by an incompetent doctor at six weeks of age, she wrote over 8, hymns. About her blindness, Fanny said: It seemed intended by the blessed providence of God that I should be blind all my life, and I thank him for the dispensation. If perfect earthly sight were offered me tomorrow I would not accept it. I might not have sung hymns to the praise of God if I had been distracted by the beautiful and interesting things about me.

In her lifetime, Fanny Crosby was one of the best known women in the United States. To this day, the vast majority of American hymnals contain her work Unknown 26 January at PreciousAY 10 February at Unknown 18 February at Unknown 10 August at Unknown 24 July at PreciousAY 26 September at Thanks for making this available, was just hungry for it, and felt may be able to find it online. O kare lae. I've been hungry for this poem for long. I just ran into it here. Thanks so much for translating it also, you've done a good job.

Omo yoruba to see gbekele. This is amazing! I was asked to write this poem and I guess I just wrote nonsense. This article came to my rescue. Thanks so much for even even translating it. God bless you. Few and important lines are missing. Soji, you improved on the first recitation. I think you missed some lines too. Ise l'ogun ise Mura s'ise ore mi Ise la fi n'deni giga Bi a ko ba reni feyin ti Bi ole la'nri Bi a ko ba reni gbekele A tera mo'se eni Iya re le lowo lowo Baba re le lesin lekan Bi o ba gbo'ju lewon O te tan ni mo so fun o Ohun ti a ko ba ji'ya fun Se kii le pe lowo Ohun ti a ba fara sise fun Nii pe lowo eni Apa lara Egunpa niyekan B'aye ba n'fe o loni Bi o ba lowo lowo Aye a ma fe o lola Tabi ki o wa ni'po atata Aye a ma ye o si terinterin Je k'o de'ni tin rago Aye a ma yinmu si o Eko si'nso ni d'oga Mura ki o ko dara dara Bi o si r'opo eniyan Ti won f'eko s'erin rinrin Dakun ma f'ara we won Iya n'bo fun'omo ti ko gbon Ekun n'be fun'omo to nsa kiri Ma f'owuro sere ore mi Mura si'se ojo'nlo.

Eyin omo Yoruba rere I am faraway from home now and it one of those things that connects me to my mum. She taught me many of such 'Akosori'. Back then and even now she believed my brain is quite magnetic. The last version by anonymous fits perfectly to her version.

Àsà oge ṣíṣẹ́ ní ilè yorùbá

I am grateful to the three of you. Now i will translate it to German for my Girlfriend who is quite diligent in her Yoruba studies. Really impressed me like sumtin uncomparable, yoruba is our language, we must not 4get it, tankz to all. Remembered this poem this morning and decided to Google it and voila! Here it is. Thanks for sharing and translating too. This is more like the original Odun j's version of this classic poem that had helped shape a lot of our lives.

Month: January 2017

Thanks for keeping it alive. Thanks for making this available online Oranmileti ile iwe alakonere mi I love Yoruba poems. God bless. We need to popularise this poem again in our schools. It will help restore lost values.

oge sise ni yoruba

God bless you all. Lets rehearse it in the ears of our children and encourage them to learn and do the instructions of this ever green poem. The author is not anonymous, the author is J. F Odunjo, the author of the popular Alawiye Textbook.

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